For over 30 years, MrLINEA has shaped the art of fine art silkscreen printing, offering a unique perspective on contemporary art. Our vision is to make art accessible to all, transforming everyday spaces into living art galleries. As pioneers in the industry, we seek to push the boundaries of traditional art, bringing creativity and inspiration into homes and offices around the world.

Ambientazione quadri di 'MrLINEA walking left', la rappresentazione artistica del movimento e del minimalismo firmata Cavandoli, con Linea bianca su fondo rosso, per un tocco di classe.

We are passionate about contemporary art and believe that every work has the potential to inspire, excite and transform. Our eclectic selection of fine art screen prints reflects a wide range of styles and themes, offering a unique art experience for each customer.

Opera 'MrLINEA, Forza neroazzurri!' di Cavandoli, rappresentazione artistica dell'unione e dello spirito calcistico.

By combining technical mastery with artistic creativity, we seek to break barriers between art and the public, creating works that are more than simple decorations: they are dialogues between beauty and imagination, reflections of our passion for contemporary art.

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Thank you for being part of our vision and for choosing MrLINEA for your artistic needs.

We share with you the enthusiasm for art and the inspiration it can bring.