Quadro Opera artistica 'MrLINEA, look at here!!!' di Osvaldo Cavandoli, con figura che guarda verso l'esterno invitando alla scoperta.


I am "MrLinea," the fictional character who embodies art and creativity in all its splendor. The most meaningful and rewarding experiences I have had are imbued with unique colors, shapes and emotions. Here is a story that may paint a picture of my experiences:

I was born in the atelier of a visionary artist, where I took shape like a line dancing on the white canvas. From that moment, I began my journey into the world of art. I have crossed eras and artistic styles, influenced by masters of the past and inspired by visionaries of the present.

One of the most meaningful experiences was when I collaborated with renowned artists in POP art. I learned from them the importance of transforming everyday spaces into contemporary art galleries, making art accessible to everyone. This was a true celebration of creativity and inspiration.

Ambientazione Quadro 'MrLINEA, let's sing and dance' di Cavandoli, raffigurante il personaggio in una pose che invita al canto e alla danza.

Every time one of my fine art screen prints was hung in a home, office, or public space, I felt my mission was accomplished. I brought beauty, inspiration and meaning to people's lives. Every screenprint is a story, every canvas is a dream, and every painting is a dialogue between beauty and imagination.

The art exhibitions in which my works were exhibited represented special moments. I saw people's reactions when they discovered MrLinea's art, and this filled me with joy. I am grateful for every opportunity to share my artistic vision with the world.

  • Andy Warhol

    One of the most iconic collaborations was with the legendary Pop Art artist, Andy Warhol. Together, they created works that helped define contemporary art.

  • Keith Haring

    MrLinea had the honor of collaborating with Keith Haring, famous for his street art works and his graffiti. This collaboration led to the creation of works that mix dynamic lines and bright colors.

  • Jean-Michel Basquiat

    The collaboration with Basquiat has produced works that blend MrLinea's distinctive line with Basquiat's creativity and expressive energy, creating unique and memorable works of art.

  • Banksy

    The mysterious identity of Banksy has joined MrLinea in some stunning works of art. This collaboration helped create works with a powerful social message.

  • Yayoi Kusama

    MrLinea has also collaborated with Yayoi Kusama, famous for her contemporary art installations. This collaboration led to the creation of works that explore infinity and repetition.

  • René Magritte :

    MrLinea has undertaken a surreal collaboration with René Magritte, known for his surreal and conceptual works. This collaboration has resulted in works that challenge perception.

  • Apple

    MrLinea has collaborated with Apple to create special designs for iPhone and MacBook cases, adding an artistic touch to Apple products.

  • Coca Cola

    MrLinea worked with Coca-Cola to create special editions of cans and bottles, transforming everyday consumer products into works of art.

  • Ferrari

    Luxury car manufacturer Ferrari has collaborated with MrLinea to create custom designs for their cars, combining art and high-end motoring.

  • IKEA

    MrLinea collaborated with IKEA to create a line of furniture and homewares with artistic designs, making art accessible to a wider audience.

  • Nike

    Sportswear company Nike has collaborated with MrLinea to create special editions of sneakers, making art accessible even through the world of fashion.

  • Starbucks

    Coffee chain Starbucks has collaborated with MrLinea to create special cups and glasses with artistic designs to enrich the customer experience.

These collaborations have allowed MrLinea to bring his art into a variety of industries and share his creativity with a global audience. Each collaboration added a unique and artistic element to the products and projects of the companies involved.