Ambientazione Opera di Osvaldo Cavandoli con MrLINEA che danza con gioia circondato da api e cuori, rappresentando una dedica d'amore.

Our mission with MrLINEA is clear and exciting: to promote and enhance contemporary art through art silk-screen prints. We are committed to sharing the beauty, creativity and inspiration of art with the world, making it accessible to all.

We believe that art is a powerful force that can enrich people's lives, stimulate minds and touch hearts. As custodians of contemporary art, we seek to amplify artists' voices and disseminate their works so they can inspire and excite a global audience.

Our mission drives us to constantly seek new ways to bring art into homes and offices around the world. Every fine art screen print we offer is a testament to our commitment to contemporary art and its ability to transform everyday spaces into extraordinary experiences.